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Algorithm Developer

About The Role

Algo Developers are responsible for building and maintaining the models that drive our trading. A typical day involves applying rigorous statistical analysis to vast quantities of market and financial data to produce predictive trading models. You will run models live on our high-performance trading infrastructure, and analyze their daily performance to maintain ongoing profitability. Working in close collaboration with fellow algo developers and core developers, you will research, develop, and test novel order execution and model training methods to increase trading efficiency.

Am I right for this role?

We’re on the lookout for experienced mathematicians, computer scientists, statisticians, physicists and data scientists.

Software Engineer

About The Role

As a Software Engineer on HRT’s Core Development team, you will step into an incredible learning opportunity; HRT’s distributed system is on the Pareto frontier of latency and throughput. You’ll develop deep knowledge of C++, OS internals, CPU architecture, and networking hardware and protocols. And you will be surrounded by amazing developers who are honing their skills every day. You’ll be amazed at what you accomplish.

Am I right for this role?

We’re on the lookout for experienced coders, developers, and low level software engineers with experience in Python and C++.

Algo Software Engineer

About The Role

Algo Software Engineers (AEs) are programmers that work hand-in-hand with Algo Developers (ADs). As focus on the software that powers trading and research, and tend to be the type of engineers who thrive on constant interaction and discussion.

Hearing how their most recently-deployed system allowed for whole new types of research would make their week. AEs are engineers who don’t mind juggling a few projects at once and have a varied portfolio of projects, from long-term ambitious new systems to fire-fighting live issues.

Am I right for this role?

We’re on the lookout for experienced full-stack developers, technologists, programmers, developers, data analysts and visualization experts. Check back soon for upcoming opportunities.