At HRT we are mathematicians, computer scientists, statisticians, physicists and engineers. We research and develop automated trading algorithms using advanced mathematical techniques.

Meet our partners

Jason Carroll, Prashant Lal, and Oaz Nir are active managing partners at HRT, and are closely involved in the day-to-day operations of the firm. Prashant focuses on the firm’s growth into new markets and asset classes, Jason on the ongoing expansion and improvement of HRT’s trading technology, and Oaz on developing HRT’s trading algorithms. As leaders, they provide support and guidance to HRTers as the company grows, and new generations of talent take on more responsibility. All partners work with the code base on a daily basis.

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Meet Jason, Prashant, and Oaz

When not in the office, Prashant can probably be found on a tennis court, or in Tribeca with his wife and daughter. Jason, on the other hand, seeks adventure on the water and in the sky; he is a world-champion sailor with a passion for aviation. When not making us all a little nervous with his penchant for daring hobbies, Jason is a true philomath. If there is something to learn and conquer, he will. And our newest partner, Oaz, is above all else passionate about expanding HRT’s trading. Reading, swimming, and yoga are all activities Oaz enjoys when he’s not engrossed in exploring a new trading idea.

All of the partners embody HRT’s culture of hard work, ethics, and the tireless pursuit of opportunity.

Meet the heart of HRT

HRT is a community of friends and colleagues. We embrace a culture of togetherness that extends far beyond the walls of our office. Meet just a few of us below.

The Team

Matt Accounting
Bernard Algo Developer
Shannon Core Developer
Shaun Operations
Dimi Algo Developer
Needham Algo Developer
Dani People Ops
Keith Facility Operations
Jannis Biz Dev Programmer
Terence Algo Developer
Gizmo Lawrence's Dog
Max Algo Developer
Carleen IT Coordinator
Dan Operations
Bill Core Developer
Julia People Ops
Greg Operations
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HRT's History

Math and CS Foundation

1997 - 2000

Jason Carroll (Harvard ’00), Suhas Daftuar (Harvard ‘00), and Alex Morcos (MIT ‘97) graduate with degrees in computer science and mathematics. Armed with programming skills and sharp quantitative minds, the founders hypothesize that by applying a fresh take to trading stocks, one that truly leverages the power of technology, they can meaningfully impact a world still dominated by manual operators.

Compile > Commit > Create


Like any tech start up, the partners pool their modest savings and rent a tiny office with a single window overlooking the Hudson River. With that view serving as an inspiration, Hudson River Trading is born. Many sleepless nights and even more lines of code later, they place their first trades. Very quickly, their algorithms see success in the markets.

Market Structure Matters

2004 - 2007

Heads up, coders. Now that HRT is established, it has a voice in the public forum over how our markets should be run. Regulations are introduced that HRT believes are overly complex and burdensome for new market participants. With their own founding story still fresh in their minds, the partners advocate for open and transparent markets that will welcome the next generation of entrepreneurs. HRT’s comment letters can be found here.

Expansion and Growth

2009 - 2014

The partners postulate their scientifically rigorous approach to trading stocks will extend to other geographies and asset classes. With expansion in mind, HRT brings on former MIT classmate and colleague, Prashant Lal (MIT ’99), as a partner to help spearhead this effort. HRT opens offices in London and Singapore to serve as the operational centers for HRT’s international trading.

Standing on Shoulders

2015 - present

Day by day, year by year, HRT continues to build its future on a fertile foundation of collaboration and openness. Today, we are leveraging the infinite possibilities our culture of sharing creates to explore new ways of trading. HRT employs 160 people globally, trades on most of the world’s electronic markets, and continues to be a voice for fair and open markets.

Looking Ahead


Next summer HRT will be relocating its New York headquarters to a beautiful new office at 4 World Trade Center.  We welcome fresh perspectives and are always seeking talented people to join our team.